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Olga with 2 kids

This 18 minute documentary showcases the achievements of Olga Murray and The Nepal Youth Foundation (NYF). Since Olga Founded NYF in 1990, they have rescued tens of thousands of children from malnutrition, homelessness, and severe oppression. But perhaps the most dramatic example of NYF's success is the Indentured Daughters Program. This program was created to stop the practice of "Kamlari" – the selling of young girls into bonded servitude. In just 14 years, NYF has rescued almost 13,000 girls from slavery, and abolished the deeply embedded practice of Kamlari forever. This level of accomplishment by an NGO working to end child slavery is unprecedented. We believe it's a recipe for success that should be shared with the world.

Learn more about our follow-up project, The Daughter’s Voice.

Olga’s Promise
Writer-Director, Roy Cox
Associate Producer, DP, Robin Mortarotti
for the Nepal Youth Foundation

Roy Cox Productions
produces corporate
video and documentary
films for television,
marketing events
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